Monthly Archives: September 2012

Host provisioning API

I’ve been working on exposing the new host provisioning functions through a JSON api.  There are a number of endpoints defined.  They all work with GET requests, but if you want to specify a domain configuration when registering a domain … Continue reading

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Starting and stopping hosts

Since the last update I added a number of safeties for starting and stopping domains.  A domain has to be a valid configured domain that is not currently running before ejabberd_hosts:start_host(“hostname”) can be called. The register_host(Host) and unregister_host(Host) functions can … Continue reading

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Centralize from local_config to config

When fixing vhost startup bugs in a cluster I discovered that having the vhost module configuration in local_config was a source of trouble for configuration data that really was consistent across the cluster almost all the time. For what it’s … Continue reading

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A new fork to play on

This weekend I decided to try making some changes to ejabberd 2.1.x.  I’ve gotten into ejabberd’s internals with Chatmongers and have found a number of things that I didn’t like. The first thing I decided to go after is how … Continue reading

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