Centralize from local_config to config

When fixing vhost startup bugs in a cluster I discovered that having the vhost module configuration in local_config was a source of trouble for configuration data that really was consistent across the cluster almost all the time.

For what it’s worth, the reasons for using local_config may have been driven by requirements and use cases I have no experience with.  The use cases I do have experience with are however harder to solve with the current design so I’m trying a change.

I made some changes and committed them in preparation for my next step.  A common default vhost config will help with dynamic host start/stop in a cluster.  There are still a number of bugs to figure out before taking on dynamic vhosts so for now I’m laying a foundation.

About Shaun Kruger

I am one of the co-founders of Chatmongers.com cloud XMPP service. Hacking on ejabberd provides interesting and fun challenges. When I'm not working on chat related projects I work as a systems engineer.
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