Release Merge and Message Sending API

A couple of weeks ago I took some time and merged in the latest ejabberd 2.1.x series release.  This bring Fork21 into parity with 2.1.13.

After the update I finally decided to add a feature I’ve been meaning to add for a while now. From time to time applications need to originate XMPP messages, but it can be inconvenient to keep an XMPP connection open for outbound only messages.  It is for this reason that I added send message support to the ejabberd_api module.

At this time if a user has the api_admin access permission they can HTTP POST an XMPP <message> stanza to http://<server>:5280/api/message/send/xml.  As long as the message stanza is properly formatted with a to address the message will be sent as the user that authenticated with HTTP auth.

About Shaun Kruger

I am one of the co-founders of cloud XMPP service. Hacking on ejabberd provides interesting and fun challenges. When I'm not working on chat related projects I work as a systems engineer.
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